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Companies talk about standing behind their products, in front of their products, next to their products. We’re not sure the exact location is important. What matters is that when you buy ADRimpex equipment you get the company, too. Our Dry Nut Processing Machines are precision made and backed by one of the best warranties in the business. Your orders will ship on time and in most cases, immediately. When you need us for anything, the right people will be accessible whenever and wherever you need us.


Our Services

Pre-Sales Service

Once you call on ADRimpex you can expect a unique before sales service. This includes quotations that cover pricing and technical submissions, all of which arrive at your table, detailed and fast. Our quick response system ensures that clients like you are never left waiting. We can present you with so many options on engineering plans and 3D drawings, you’re spoilt for choice. Our unique 3D conceptual walk-through design allows you to see your food processing machine, made exactly up to your needs, long before it’s built. This allows us to explain the design layout to you and more importantly it allows you to make any necessary changes there and then.

  • Proposal Based On Customer Requirements
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Prototypes, 3-D Drawings, Spec Sheet Presentation

After-Sales Service

Installation begins after a site visit to ensure that the workplace meets the exact design requirements. Only then, the equipment delivered, installed and commissioned. However, our sales service doesn’t end with installation. ADRimpex provides complete training for its clients and their staff on all the equipment used. In addition we perform routine inspection and maintenance calls as and when required. ADRimpex warranties range from one to five years. Ultimately, however, we offer you peace of mind, hassle-free repairs and on call services from technical site officials in the relatively rare occurrence of any difficulties. At ADRimpex maintaining a healthy relationship with you is our number 1 priority.

• Equipment Installation
• Complete Product Training
• Inspection & Maintaineance

Order Methods

1. Via our website

Find out the products that you are interesting in, through the search engine or the various thematic and product pages.
Select the machine and then fill in the contact form with all the needed details. After then, our company will come in contact directly with you as soon as possible, in order to proceed with your demand.

2. Via phone call

You can easily come in contact with us through a phone call.
Phone: +359 2 441 0587, Mobile: +359 88 338 3310

Payment Methods

You can deposit the money for your orders at one of our accounts. Arrange with us for the exact amount with shipping costs and take advantage of the new feature of Web Banking!

After deposit please contact our accounting department by sending an email to acknowledge that they were deposited. Otherwise by phone: at +359 2 441 0587, Mobile: +359 88 338 3310.

* If you choose to deposit via web banking from another bank outside the above partner of our company, the bank may charge you bank charges for the transaction, and be a slight delay of the transaction, for about a couple of days.

Shipping and Delivery

There are 2 ways of shipping: by courier (for small products or parts) or by a transportation company (for complete processing lines or big dry nut processing machines). The shipping costs are borne by the recipient.

Delivery: FOB, Sofia Bulgaria, packed, according to Incoterms 2010.

Packing: Packing Suitable for truck transport. Goods must be packed securely against damage during transportation. Any boxes will be marked with labels describing the box content.

Documents transfer: All original documents will be delivered together with machinery dispatch. Documents will be sent in one envelope via courier. Operation Instructions and Guidance documents will be send via courier too.

Delivery time: Depends on the workload of each period. Plus travel time.

Payment: 50% in advance, 50% 7 days before loading.
In case of payments are not made on time, delivery time will be postponed equal to the amount of time of the delay of payment.